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Muscular Dystrophy is a devastating neuromuscular disorder which weakens and wastes the muscles. 


The most common form is Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy which mainly affects boys.  Onset of this condition is between 3 and 5 years of age and the disorder progresses rapidly with most boys completely dependent on an electric wheelchair by their early teens. Life expectancy for this disorder is usually only early twenties. There is no treatment, there is no cure and no boy survives.


Muscular Dystrophy NSW’s (MDNSW) goal is to improve the quality of life for all people affected by Muscular Dystrophy. 


A dedicated, skilled and enthusiastic team of staff continually work to improve the range of services, programs and events available for those living with the condition as well as their families and carers. MDNSW provides critical life-changing support and assistance people living Muscular Dystrophy including our innovative Duke of Edinburgh's Award program, counselling, family retreats, children’s camps, medical, accessibility and communication equipment and access to sport and special interest programs.


Muscular Dystrophy NSW will continue to push the boundaries and strive for excellence in supporting individuals and families affected by Muscular Dystrophy.


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